Deadpool Review

Title: Deadpool

Release Date: February 12, 2016

Running Time: 1 hours and 48 minutes

Oh Deadpool, your movie was so flippin’ good man.  If you are a fan of Deadpool just go see it.  It was a perfect comic-to-screen adaptation.  If you are on the fence and don’t care about minor spoilers, keep reading!

**Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead!**


You heard the man, go see my movie!  Do it!  Do it nooooow!

What I liked:

Everything. Seriously, from start to finish this movie was great.  But to be more specific…

Ryan Reynolds:  Ryan Reynolds is with out a doubt Deadpool.  I can’t imagine anyone else that could possibly do it better.   It’s as though he jumped straight from the comic books and onto the big screen.  Reynolds owns this roll and I can’t wait for more.

The Laughs:  The movie was packed full of all the raunchy, inappropriate, potty-mouthed humor that the fans have come to expect from Deadpool.  This movie earns it’s R rating within the first 2-3 minutes.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Don’t bring your kids.  Really, don’t bring them…

Colossus:  This is a very different colossus than the one in the previous X-Men movies.  Colossus now has a stereotypical Russian accent and is constantly preaching to Deadpool about the benefits of becoming a hero.  I really enjoyed the contrast in motivation between Deadpool and Colossus.

The Gracious Cameo:  Seeing Stan Lee DJ in a strip club was worth the price alone.  Yeaaaa, that happened!

The Overall Authenticity:  This is how comic book movies should be.  This movie was as true to Deadpool’s comic book persona as it could have been within it’s running.  It didn’t add anything crazy or take anything away.  We got the right Deadpool this time and with that we can finally forget X-Men: Origins ever even happened.  Thank god.


We can finally forget…

What I didn’t like:

-Deadpool didn’t eat any chimichangas…   Seriously though, the only real gripe I have with this movie is that Deadpool talks so fast at times that I missed a few of his lines.  However, that could have been because I was still laughing at what he said previously…  Also you can kinda tell this movie didn’t have the biggest budget.  The story was was compact and quick and takes place in a only few locations, but even Deadpool made fun of that during one of his many 4th wall breaks.  Awesome.

Final verdict:

Just go see it.  This is honestly one of my favorite comic book adaptations to date.  I laughed throughout the entire movie.  The action sequences were violent and awesomely choreographed.  The movie was super fast-paced and the music matched the film’s tone perfectly!  I can definitely see myself watching Deadpool again, and again, and again.  Pack yourself a greasy satchel of chimichangas and go see this movie NOW!


Don’t forget to stay after the credits!

I give Deadpool my highest possible rating:

5 Crunch Tacos out of 5!

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  1. Have you played the Deadpool game? I’m partial to Nolan North’s vocal interpretation of Deadpool. To me he is like the Kevin Conroy for Batman and Mark Hamill for the Joker. I used to have an autographed Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe poster but sold it

  2. Also I can’t wait for the post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe..good to see Deadpool will be back (and maybe Wolverine as well? at least they resurrected Spider-man back to life)

    • I did play a little of the Deadpool game. I never finished it though. It felt like a more masher friendly version of Devil May Cry. However it was very much faithful to Deadpool. It had a bunch of funny moments and even had informative little comic origin cut scenes that would go over each character he meets. I should probably finish that game one of these days… Secret Wars looked cool. You are talking about the 2015 Secret Wars right? They have made some pretty crazy changes with that.

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