Valei’s Anime Play List – 2015

Here are my mini-reviews for some of the best anime I’ve watched in 2015.

Parasyte -the maxim- (寄生獣 セイの格率 – Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu):


Original Run Date: October 8, 2014 – March 25, 2015

Parasyte is about a high school student named Shinichi Izumi that is attacked by a hostile alien space parasite. The parasite fails in its attempt to reach Shinichi’s brain and ends up trapped in his right arm. Migi, the parasite, becomes permanently grafted to Shinichi’s right arm and teaches itself how to speak. The majority of the show centers on Shinichi’s struggle with Migi, his family life, and relationship with his girlfriend, Satomi Murano.

The show touches on a number of philosophical topics such as what it means be human, the nature of love and survival, and the necessity of evolution. Parasyte was a surprisingly deep anime. I also really enjoyed watching Migi and Shinichi’s dynamic relationship. In order to survive, they have to work together and make many morally conflicting choices. Nevertheless, Migi and Shinichi change each other in ways that are mutually beneficial.

The animation was superb and the music was perfect for this show. The opening and ending songs rank among my favorite anime tunes. Seriously, listen to this and tell me you don’t want to watch this show.

If you are looking for a mature, deep, exciting, alien invasion drama, Parasyte is definitely worth checking out.

You can watch all 24 episodes of Parasyte on Crunchyroll.


My Love Story!! (俺物語!! – Ore Monogatari!!)

ore mono gatari

Original Run Date:  April 8, 2015 – September 23, 2015

This was a show I initially didn’t want to watch, but my girlfriend insisted and now I’m very glad she did. My love story!! revolves around the daily life of high school student Takeo Gōda. On a train ride home one day, Gōda defends fellow student Rinko Yamato from a train groper. After their fateful encounter the two fall in love. The show is centered around their unorthodox relationship, as well as their friends and family. What really makes this show great is Gōda. Gōda is very well-written character. His problems and insecurities are easy to relate to which makes him a very likable character. Just be warned this show is LOADED with the FEELS! You will laugh, you will probably cry, and you will probably be bummed out it when it ends. It’s a really great show to watch with your significant other. Hopefully it will be renewed for a second season next year.

You can watch all 22 episodes on Crunchyroll.


Polar Bear’s Café (しろくまカフェ Shirokuma Kafe)


Original Run: April 5, 2012 – March 28, 2013

As the title states, this anime is about the daily life of a Polar Bear that runs a café, and his misadventures with his friends Panda-Kun, Penguin-San, and Grizzly. This show may not be for everyone, as it is a little slow and can sometimes be a bit dry. However, I personally love the way this show is presented. Most of the jokes are literal and pun-based. This show is also perfect for anyone looking to learn basic Japanese. The characters speak slowly, repeat phrases, and Shirokuma’s puns are great for learning new vocabulary. I haven’t finished the show yet, but with each new episode the show continues to be hilarious and touching.

You can watch all 50 episodes on Crunchyroll.


One-Punch Man (ワンパンマン – Wanpanman)

One punch

Original Run: June 14, 2012 – Ongoing?

One Punch Man (OPM) follows the adventures of Saitama, a hero that defeats all of his enemies with just one punch. The story takes place in a fictional Japanese city that is constantly under attack by a seemingly endless pool of monstrous villains. Due to his super strength, Saitama often finds himself bored with how easily his enemies fall and is constantly looking for stronger opponents. As absurd as it sounds, OPM is actually incredibly engaging and often hilarious. The animation style for OPM is absolutely stunning and energetic. The only real downside to OPM is that it ends prematurely at 13 episodes. However, there are rumors that a second season is on it’s way.

You can watch all 13 episodes of One Punch Man on Hulu.

I watched a few other anime series this year, but these were the 4 that really stood out to me. All 4 were beautifully animated, had great soundtracks, told new interesting stories, and developed memorable characters. I highly recommend that you check them out! If you do, let me know what you think!


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  1. Parasyte has one of my favorite openings, and I also love to play ‘Let Me Hear’ on osu! as well as other assorted フィアー・アンド・ロージング・イン・ラスベガス songs (besides Corn Nuts).

    i’ve only been reading the Onepunch-Man (not ONE) manga but never saw the anime before.

  2. If you like the manga you will definitely enjoy the anime. I’m actually probably going to read the manga too while I wait on more of the show to be released.

  3. One punch man is still ongoing, finishing after Boros was the only thing they could really do aside from filler and that would’ve killed the buzz

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