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Earlier this month I re-watched the entire original Star Wars trilogy to get ready for The Force Awakens. With hype building up inside me, I couldn’t stop myself from downloading Star Wars
Battlefront. Here is a quick review for anyone on the fence about the game.

What I Liked:

The Graphics and Presentation:
-Battlefront’s graphics are out-of-this-world gorgeous. Not only that, but the designs for each map look and feel like they are straight from the movies. As graphically stunning as the game is, I was a little disappointed that weren’t as many Ewoks on Endor. The movies make it seem like they are everywhere, but in Battle Front there’s only, like, one high up in a tree. I would have liked to see Sand People or Jawas running around as well.


STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151218123909


The Sound:
-The game’s music is pulled straight from the movies and sounds absolutely amazing. All of the sound effects are also true to the original films. The voice acting for the soldiers and heroes is also on point, with exception of Darth Vader’s voice… it just doesn’t sound right. I wish they had just used sound clips from the movies instead of re-recording his lines. Other than that 1 minor gripe the sound is perfect. Be READY! (Ackbar Voice)

Online Matchmaking:
-Battlefront is primarily an online game, so good matchmaking is a must. Thankfully it delivers on this front. I’ve had no trouble finding games at all hours of the day and night, between all the various modes of play. Matchmaking is lighting quick too, so there is rarely ever much downtime.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151218123335

Lighting Quick Matchmaking!

Variety of Game Types:
-Really enjoy the variety of game modes available. You can choose to play a part in long lasting epic battles; you can be an overpowered hero; you can fly an X-wing or TIE Fighter; you can play “capture the droids”; you can even just slug it out in a crazy 20 man gun fight.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151218124338

Piloting the X-Wing rocks!

What I Didn’t Like:

Installation Time and Account Creation:
-The game took over an hour to download from the store, and then another hour to install onto my system. During the installation time, they allow you to play as Darth Vader crushing rebels on Hoth, but after 15 minutes of crushing the same rebels over and over I was really bored. After my game finally installed, I was presented with an EA registration screen. I tried to pass this screen but I was not able to. You must first create an EA account before you are able to play the game… After 2 and a half hours of downloading, installing, and registration, I was finally ready to play the game. Just a warning for anyone buying the digital version of the game.

Lack of Single Player Modes:
-Being primarily an online game, there really aren’t many single player modes for Battlefront. There are some pretty basic training missions you can complete and some challenge missions, but other than that you really have to be online to get the full experience. I would have liked to see perhaps some small story campaigns or a more expansive tutorial. The offline modes are merely fluff.

Weapon Balance:
-Some of the weapons in the game are borderline useless. The Han Solo blaster you get at level 25 is the best weapon you can acquire, and if you preordered the game you have it from the get go. The game overall doesn’t offer many weapons, so on that front is a bit shallow. I also found grenades to be way too YOLO. Expect to get blown up many times by random grenades.



Lack of Customization Options:
-I was really disappointed with the customization options in this game. Most of the options need to be unlocked, and once unlocked they are all preset. The options are so limited that I just decided to be the Asian guy. I owned this persona. Ace Roque Fighter Pilot Cheeko Lee at your service!

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151218124503

OMG! It’s Cheeko Lee!

Too Much DLC:
-If you look on the PS store, you see 3 versions of Battlefront being offered: Standard, Deluxe, and, Ultimate Editions. Each edition contains additional DLC that has not been released yet. The
Season Pass alone costs $50, so if you’re planning on downloading that you might as well just buy the Ultimate Edition and get all the extras. There are also free DLC maps being planned, one of which being the Battle of Jakku that is available now.


Wait for the price to drop on the DLC.


While Battlefront may not offer the most content out the gate, it is still a very fun game to play.
Battlefront is an amazingly well-presented online Star Wars shooter that will have you saying “just one more” until the sun comes up the next day. Just be aware that there is little-to-no single player content. If you are into Star Wars and want to play out the battles seen in the movies, there is no better game to do that in than this one. While not perfect, I would still recommend Star Wars Battlefront to any fan of the series.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151218124535

Thumbs up for Battlefront!  

Rating: 3 Crunchy Tacos

cruncy tacocruncy tacocruncy taco

Hope you enjoyed the review!

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