This is a piece I did as a cover for a short story I’m currently still writing.  Can you guess what it may be about?  Leave your comments and speculation below!

Medium: Pen and Ink/Japanese Brush.

Juan Valei

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  1. This is a really awesome and beautiful piece, Juan! 🙂 Really nice composition and I like that’s in b/w except for the red. I don’t know if you’ve mentioned what it’s about anywhere else, but it looks to be some sort of drama about a relationship the man has with two women. Since the woman on the left fades into the back and looks sad I’m thinking she has some emotional attachment that isn’t reciprocated from the guy and that the rose connects the girl at the top and the lady on the right with him? But maybe I’m reading into it wrong or backwards. Have you shared the WIP anywhere online yet? Or are you waiting until you’re done?

  2. SuperDanniGoku: You nailed it… wow. That is pretty much the role of the character in black. I haven’t shared this particular image anywhere but here for now. The story is almost done just deciding on an ending. To be honest I’ve been lazy about it. Thanks for the comment though. I’ll probably push forward with some new work this week!

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